Revitalizing Ramadhan of Boarding school in the Era of Industry 4.0 at Mts Negeri 9 Jember

Strengthening Religious and Spiritual Development among MTs Negeri 9 Jember Students


Ramadhan of Boarding school is a traditional Islamic educational program that has been carried out for generations in Indonesia, especially during the month of Ramadan. This program is designed to strengthen the spirituality and religiosity of Muslims, particularly students in schools. In the era of industry 4.0, where technology is rapidly advancing, it is important to maintain religious and spiritual practices, including Ramadhan of Boarding school, to ensure the holistic development of students.


The main objective of Ramadhan of Boarding school at MTs Negeri 9 Jember is to provide a platform for students to deepen their religious and spiritual understanding. This is achieved by immersing them in a religious environment where they can engage in various Islamic activities, such as recitation of the Quran, Islamic studies, and social programs. Additionally, Ramadhan of Boarding school aims to build character and develop social sensitivity in students, helping them become better individuals and members of the community.


Ramadhan of Boarding school offers numerous benefits for students at MTs Negeri 9 Jember, particularly in the era of industry 4.0. Firstly, it strengthens the faith and taqwa of students, enabling them to develop a deeper connection with Allah SWT. Secondly, Ramadhan of Boarding school builds character in students by encouraging them to participate in positive activities that promote good behavior and interpersonal skills. Thirdly, Pondok Ramadhan provides an opportunity for students to deepen their Islamic knowledge, allowing them to become better Muslims and contributing members of society. Fourthly, Ramadhan of Boarding school fosters social sensitivity and empathy among students, making them more aware of the needs of others and improving their social interactions. Finally, Ramadhan of Boarding school promotes physical and mental health, helping students maintain a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan.


The content of Ramadhan of Boarding school at MTs Negeri 9 Jember includes a variety of activities designed to meet the program's objectives. These activities include recitation of the Quran, Islamic studies, social programs, sports, and healthy eating. The program is typically held for several hours in the evening after the breaking of the fast, and students are encouraged to participate actively in all activities.


In conclusion, Ramadhan of Boarding school is an essential program for students at MTs Negeri 9 Jember in the era of industry 4.0. It provides a platform for students to deepen their religious understanding, build character, develop social sensitivity, and maintain physical and mental health. It is vital to continue carrying out Ramadhan of Boarding school to ensure the holistic development of students, particularly in an age where technology is advancing rapidly.


To ensure the success of Ramadhan of Boarding school at MTs Negeri 9 Jember, it is necessary to provide adequate resources and support for the program. This includes providing sufficient facilities, such as prayer rooms, sports equipment, and healthy food options. Additionally, teachers and staff should be trained to facilitate the program effectively, and the involvement of the community should be encouraged to create a supportive environment. Regular evaluations should also be conducted to monitor the program's progress and identify areas for improvement. By implementing these measures, Ramadhan of Boarding school can continue to be a valuable program for students in the era of industry 4.0.

by : Team officialmtsn9jember 2023

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